Commissioner of Public Works

  1. Message from the Commissioner

The growing needs of the City of Saratoga Springs requires due diligence from the Department of Public Works to ensure public spaces are maintained, protected, and preserved. As directed by the City Charter, the Commissioner of Public Works is responsible to inventory, construct, and maintain City lands, buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. This work is accomplished through the oversight of the Department of Public Works.

The challenges of 2016 were met with enthusiasm by the employees of DPW. Our street paving program was extremely successful, with 26 street or street sections being paved which equaled nearly 5 total miles of city roadway and approximately 12,700 tons of blacktop utilized. Our lawn debris cleanup lasted late into the fall with continuous cleanup for city residents. The Arborist crew also worked with Sustainable Saratoga to plant 105 trees in city right-of-ways and city-owned properties.

The Office of the City Engineer continued to develop and complete projects that will ensure the well being of our historic buildings for years to come.

DPW also continued to update our water and sewer infrastructure with the replacement of a 100-year old four-inch water main on Woodlawn Avenue, and the completion of another “loop” in the water delivery system on Aletta Street. The Geyser Well Fields were assessed and cleaned to increase the capacity of the well fields and ensure long term sustainability. On the Sewer infrastructure side, the Adams Street pump station was also upgraded to support increased wastewater flow from NYRA and the Saratoga Casino & Hotel.

Administratively, the Business Manager position was created to assist the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner with departmental budgetary matters, develop long-term planning, analyze best practices, and draft administrative policies.

2016 also saw the planned retirement of long time Deputy Tim Cogan after a 42 year career with DPW. I want to personally thank Tim for his years of service not just as my Deputy, but also for all he provided to the residents of Saratoga Springs. I recognize the outstanding work ethic he brought to providing services, especially the world-class paving operation that he oversaw, to members of the community.

I was happy to appoint a new Deputy, Frank Coppola, Jr. to the position at the conclusion of 2016. Frank is a long time employee of DPW, most recently serving as a Working Supervisor in the Water Utilities Department. Frank is extremely well-respected by the workforce, and is very knowledgeable about the infrastructure of the city as he has worked on nearly every aspect of our water and sewer system.

The 2016 Annual Report reflects the outstanding efforts of the Department in 2016, and I look forward to 2017 as we continue to provide necessary and important services to the people of Saratoga Springs.