Community Development


The Saratoga Springs Office of Community Development works to advance the City Council's goals of increasing access to affordable housing, improving the living environment, and expanding economic opportunities for persons of low and moderate income.


The Office of Community Development was created in 1975 to implement City programs funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Since qualifying for Entitlement Grant funds in 1994, the City has utilized these dollars to develop affordable housing, establish residential rehabilitation grant and loan programs, provide funding for public improvement projects in low and moderate income areas of the city, and support a host of legal, education and outreach programs for low and moderate income residents.

​Economic Development Revolving Loan Program

The City of Saratoga Springs established, and recently expanded the Economic Development Revolving Loan Program to stimulate job creation, and support job retention, for residents of low-moderate income. The program helps to subsidize these job opportunities, and preserve jobs that would otherwise be lost by offering low interest loans to businesses physically located within the City of Saratoga Springs. Read more here.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Typically, sub-grantee applications are available during the month of December to organizations interested in applying to the City of Saratoga Springs for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement Funds for each program year (July 1 – June 30). These funds are designed to assist activities that address community development needs as prioritized in the City’s Consolidated Plan, and that benefit persons of low and moderate income. Eligible activities may include public services; affordable housing creation, construction and rehabilitation; infrastructure improvements; and other federally eligible activities.

2021 CDBG Program Year Sub-grantee Application Period is CLOSED

The Community Development Department ha closed the window for sub-grantee applications for the 2021 CDBG Program Year. The 2021 Entitlement grant from the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development is $298,434. Submitted applications (available below) are currently under CDCAC review.

 2021 CDBG Program Year Anticipated Schedule of Events
 January 15th - Friday  2021 Entitlement funding applications and guidelines available (below)
 March 5th - Friday  Application deadline (due no later than 4:30 pm)
 March 15th - Monday  Public Application Hearing #1: 6:00pm on Zoom 
(Register in advance here.)
 March 17th - Wed  Public Application Hearing #2: 6:00pm on Zoom 
(Register in advance here.)
 March 29th - Monday  CDCAC presents funding recommendations to City Council
 March 31st – April 30th  2021 Entitlement Action Plan Public Comment Period
 April 20th - Tuesday  Public Hearing on recommended 2021 Entitlement Action Plan
 May 4th - Tuesday  City Council vote on 2021 Entitlement Action Plan
 May 10th - Monday  Submission of 2021 Entitlement Action Plan to HUD-Buffalo
 July 1st - Thursday  2021 Program Year begins
 Sept – Oct 2021  Anticipated receipt of HUD Grant Agreement and Release of Funds

Questions should be directed to the Community Development Planner at

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