Boards & Committees


  2. Affordable Housing Task Force

    Affordable Housing Task Force

  3. Arts Commission

  4. Board of Assessment Review

    Five member board to review grieved assessments.

  5. Charter Commission

    Review of city charter for updates and changes.

  6. City Center Authority

  7. Civil Service Commission

    The function of the Municipal Civil Service Commission is to provide an orderly and uniform system for the administration of civil service in the City of Saratoga Springs on the basis of merit and fitness as provided in the Civil Service Law of the State of New York.

  8. Climate Smart Task Force

  9. Community Development CAC

  10. Complete Streets Advisory Board

    The City of Saratoga Springs Complete Streets Advisory Board will encourage the development of a complete streets network throughout the city to create a more balanced transportation system.

  11. Design Review Commission

    The City Council gives the Design Review Commission independent authority for Historic and Architectural reviews of exterior modifications within the City's designated districts.

  12. Downtown Special Assessment District Board

  13. Ethics Board

    The Ethics Board's job is to interpret the ethics code, to educate city officers and employees about the code, and to help enforce the code.

  14. Human Rights Task Force

  15. Open Space Advisory Committee

  16. Planning Board

    The City Council gives the Planning Board specified independent authority to review development activities within city boundaries.

  17. Racehorse Aftercare Coalition

  18. Recreation Commission

  19. Senior Advisory Committee

    The Saratoga Springs Senior Advisory Committee is a nonpolitical committee representative of a diverse group of senior citizens from all areas of Saratoga Springs.

  20. Smart City Commission

    Connectivity is key. Internet access at globally competitive speeds is no longer an optional luxury. In other words, broadband has become an essential resource— no different than any other utility—for residents, businesses, service providers, and government. For Saratoga Springs to become a smarter city, we must do more to make the internet accessible at faster speeds throughout the city. And we must work together so that individual smart city projects act in concert, with the goal of empowering all citizens to succeed. Becoming a smarter city will promote efficiency, economic development, and equality.

  21. Zoning Board of Appeals

    State regulations require communities to have a Zoning Board of Appeals to review specific types of requests for waivers from any of the regulations in the zoning ordinance.