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Tiny B'Ball - Two Sessions For Twice the Fun!

​Join us on the Rec Center Court!

Our Youth Basketball program has something for everyone from ages 3 through Grade 12. Tiny B'Ball co-ed for 3-5 year olds is a great parent and child introduction to the sport. Our Intro to Basketball co-ed program for Grades K-1 is a great way to learn basic skills. Our Youth Basketball program for Grades 2-12 emphasizes fun, team play, and sportsmanship as well as skills development. Please be sure you are committed to the program prior to signing up. If you drop out after teams are formed it will effect the entire team.

Tiny B'Ball Dates:        Fall 2018
Intro Dates:                 Fall 2018
Boys and Girls Dates: Fall 2018
Location:                     Recreation Center

Click on the above link to download a registration packet. Scroll down for program information.

Early Bird registration for our 2018-2019 season will be announced later this year.
Registration is currently going on for our Boys and Girls Summer clinics. Registration for our Summer Clinics ends June 18th.
Sign up early and save!

Volunteer Coaches Needed!
Basketball fanatics take note... Share your love of the game with our players! Join us courtside as a Volunteer Coach.
Two Volunteer Coaches are needed per team for Intro and Grades 2-12.
Early Bird Registration Fee is waived on or before the Early Bird registration date for the child you coach.
$25 Registration fee will apply after the end of Early Bird registration.
Tiny B'Ball *co-ed*
Ages:                         3-5 (parent/child class)
Session 1 Dates:      TBA
Session 2 Dates:      TBA
Time:                          Sat 9-9:45am
Early Bird Fees:        C $35   S $60   N $  85
Fees after:                C $60   S $85   N $115
Coaches Meeting:    No meeting
Coordinator:              Wes Clark & George Parker

Intro *co-ed*
Grades:                      K-1
Dates:                        TBA
Time                           Sat 9-10:30am
Early Bird Fees:        C $50   S $75   N $100
Fees after:                 C $75   S $100   N $125
Coaches Meeting:    TBA
Coordinator:              Ron Lewis, Head Coach

Boys League
Dates:                         TBA
Times:                         Wknights 5:30-9pm
                                    Sat 9am-8pm
Grades 2-3:                Tues & Sat
Grades 4-5:                Thur & Sat
Grades 6-7:                Thur & Sat
Grades 8-9:                Wed & Sat *co-ed*
Grades 10-12:            Wed & Sat *co-ed*
* # participants will dictate grade alignment
Early Bird Fees:        C $  80  S $100   N $125
Fees after:                 C $105   S $125   N $150
Coaches Meeting:    TBA
Skill Evaluation:        TBA
   Gr 2-3: 12pm     Gr 4-5: 1pm     Gr 6-7 2pm     Gr 8-9: 3pm     Gr 10-12: 4pm

Girls League
Dates:                        TBA
                        Wknights 5:30-7:30pm
                                   Sat 9am-12noon
Grades 2-4:               Mon & Sat
Grades 5-8:               Mon & Sat
* # participants will dictate grade alignment
* In an effort to allow more participation, 8th/9th grade girls may request to play in boys or girls division.
Early Bird Fees:        C $80   S $100   N $125
Fees after:                 C $105   S $125   N $150
Coaches Meeting:    TBA
Skill Evaluation:        TBA