Install / Add Solar (PV) Panels

Do I Need a Permit?

Yes, there are many building code, electrical code, and fire safety considerations involved when adding solar panels to your residence.
A Building Permit is required.  Building Permit Application

What Insurances are Required?

NYS has very specific insurance requirements that must be met before the municipality may issue a building permit.  Proof of insurance is required to be submitted along with the permit application whether a contractor is performing the work or the homeowner is performing the work themselves.  Please visit the following link for more  information about insurance requirements:   Homeowners Insurance Requirements

Saratoga Springs residents participating in the NY State Unified Solar Permit program.
Below is a link to the application, which contains a detailed list of requirements.  At a minimum, the completed application must include:
  • A site plan, meeting all requirements detailed on page #1 of the application
  • An electrical diagram
  • Specification sheet for all manufactured components of the system
NYS Unified Solar Permit Application