Application Forms for Land Use Boards

All Land Use Board application documents have been updated as of 1/16/21.  

Current, PDF-fillable application forms MUST be used for your application submission.  Instructions and checklists are included in each application document.  Handwritten applications cannot be accepted.  

The 2021 Fee Schedule applies to all applications submitted after January 1, 2021.

SELECT tab below for each Board's application forms.

  1. Design Review Commission
  2. Planning Board
  3. Zoning Board of Appeals


Completed petitions are submitted to the Office of the Mayor

  • Land Use Board application documents should be emailed to Amber Upton,
  • Submit all maps, drawings, or image documents associated with an application in separate files in order to maintain their original scale and image resolution.
  • Application fees must be submitted to the Planning Office.
  • Revised hard-copy plans may be put in the DROP BOX located in the hallway of the ramp entrance to City Hall.
  • For active Land Use Board applications, staff is available by Zoom appointment and also by phone and email during business hours. 
  1. Susan Barden, AICP

    Principal Planner
    Phone: 518-587-3550, ext. 2493

    Staff to Planning Board

  2. Amanda Tucker, RA

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 518-587-3550, ext. 2517

    Staff to Design Review Commission

  3. Aneisha Samuels-Sanford, MRP

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 518-587-3550 ext 2494

    Staff to Zoning Board of Appeals

  4. Amber Upton

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 518-587-3550, ext. 2533