Current Capital Improvement Projects

  1. Water Treatment Plant Intake Valve Replacement

    Design stage to evaluate replacement of the aging external valve vault.
  2. Wedgewood Ave Storm Drain Improvements

    Design stage to evaluate options for the existing storm sewer system that conveys run off down the ravine.
  3. Waste Water Pump Station Upgrades

    Design stage to upgrade the pump stations at Lexington Ave, Buff Rd, W Circular and at Lake Ave.
  1. Katrina Trask Stairway

    Testing and design stage of rehabilitation of the upper stairway and central landing.
  2. Canfield Casino Rehabilitation Work

    Ballroom attic ventilation, lay light protection and parlor wall sconces.
  3. Arts Council Air Conditioning & Ventilation

    Construction of a new air conditioning and ventilation system for the lower level of the building.
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