Utilities Department

DPW's Utilities Department works under the general category of Public Works. They are also supported by a separate and independent portion of the City budget. City collected utility fees, for water and sewer services, provides the revenue for the operation and maintenance of all facets of the water and sewer departments. 

The DPW Utilities Group includes field operations and maintenance as well as a Utilities Office staff responsible for all City water and sewer billing account activities. The City’s cost for delivering water and maintaining sanitary sewer services is offset by revenues collected by system users. Responsibilities of the Utilities Department are distributed into the following divisions: office administration, billing, meter readers, and metering maintenance.

Meter Reading

The DPW strives to collect as many actual reads as possible because they permit maximum billable services while minimizing inconvenience and inaccurate bills to customers. Meter reads are done on a quarterly basis.

You now can pay your Utility Bill online.  Just click here and follow the easy steps.

Meter Maintenance
There is an annual program to update a designated number of outdated meters.   If you suspect you have a problem with the meter in your home you can contact the Utilities Department at 518-587-3550, ext 2508.

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  1. Anna Plante

    Water Meter Accounts Supervisor
    Phone: 518 587-3550, ext. 2502

  2. Lynn Ebert

    Utilities Clerk
    Phone: 518 587-3550, ext. 2500

  3. Rose Stevens

    Senior Clerk
    Phone: 518 587-3550, ext. 2508