Department of Public Works

  1. Streets & Highways
  2. Buildings & Grounds
  3. Water & Sewer
  4. Resident Services

Maintenance and repair of the City's roadways are among DPW's highest priorities.

Curbs & Sidewalks

Maintenance of sidewalks and curbs is the responsibility of property owners; however, the work is overseen by DPW crews to ensure City construction standards are met.  As DPW laborer schedules allow, property owners can contract with DPW for installation or repair of sidewalks and curbs. See the links below for contract and rate information, permit to allow work in the right-of-way as well as the language from the City Code.

Snow Removal

  • Pushing snow onto sidewalks and driveways is an unfortunate consequence of plowing any street. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Homeowners are required to clear their walkways within 24 hours and businesses/apartment building owners are required to clear walkways within 4 hours after snow stops falling.
  • In certain cases the Commissioner of Public Works will declare a snow emergency.  During a snow emergency declaration it shall be unlawful to park or stand a motor vehicle on a public street for any continuous period of time in excess of twelve (12) hours.
  • If damage occurs to your mailbox or property as a result of City snow removal services please contact us at 518-587-3550, ext. 2555
Dig Safely NY
 If you are planning to dig on your property for any reason, state law requires you to place a location request with Dig Safely New York at least 2 full working days, but no more than 10 working days, before beginning your project.  Contact Dig Safely NY for more information.