Vacant Building Registry

Contact:                      Lisa Watkins or Jack Donnelly  Code Administrators

Address:                     474 Broadway
                                    Saratoga Springs, NY. 12866

Phone:                         518-587-3550  ext 2632

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Ord # 222 Vacant Building Registry                                                                                     Vacant Building Registration Form

In February 2013, the city of Saratoga Springs adopted an ordinance titled "Chapter 222 Vacant Buildings" for the method of identifying and registering vacant buildings while imposing reasonable responsibilities for the property owners.

All vacant buildings within the city must be registered with the Public Safety/Code Enforcement Department no later than 30 days of becoming vacant or after being notified by a Code Enforcement Officer.  The registration form included must be completed and returned along with first year fee of $300.00.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Code Administrator or Code Admin Assistant at (518)-587-3550  ext 2634 or 2632.


VACANT BUILDING:  A building, a portion of a building, or a structure which is any one of the following:
a.     Unoccupied and unsecured;
b.     Unoccupied and secured by other than normal means;
c.     Unoccupied and an unsafe building as determined by an Enforcement Officer;
d.     Unoccupied and an Enforcement Officer has issued an order to correct violations;
e.     Illegally occupied;or

UNOCCUPIED BUILDING:  A building or portion thereof which lacks habitual presence of human beings who have a legal right to be on the premises, including buildings ordered vacated by an Enforcement Officer.  In determining whether a building is unoccupied, the Enforcement Officer may consider these factors, among others:(1) whether lawful residential or business activity has creased; (2) the percentage of the overall square footage of the occupied to unoccupied space or the overall number of occupied and unoccupied unites; (3) the building is substantially devoid of contents or the minimal value of fixtures or personal property in the building; (4) the building lacks utility service; (5) the building is subject to a foreclosure action; (6) duration of vacancy; and or (7) the presence or reoccurrence of code violations.

UNSECURED:  A building or portion of a building which is open to entry by unauthorized persons without the use of tools or ladders.

SECURED BY OTHER THAN NORMAL MEANS:  A building secured by means other than those used in the design and approved plans for the building.