Why Fire Trucks Respond with an Ambulance

If this were your or your loved one, which team member would you want to give up?

1.  Captain/Paramedic - Consoles loved ones, gathers facts from witnesses , obtains pertinent patient medical history from family                  members, finds patient's prescription medication, explains what is going on to the family members, overall scene management and          crowed control if necessary.


2.  Firefighter/Paramedic -  In charge of care, delegates assignments to crew members,attaches patient to defibrillator, interprets EKG          reading, when indicated administers electrical shock via the defibrillator, obtains patients vital signs.

3.  Firefighter/Paramedic - Contacts base hospital,obtains medical direction of base hospital physician, documents patient care being            administered, completes patient care report form which is vital during transferring of care to emergency room, drives the ambulance.

4.  Firefighter/Paramedic - Maintaining patient airway provides supplemental oxygen via bag valve mask, provides possitive pressure            ventilation which is critical for vital organ survivability, preps and performs intubation to establish an advanced airway.

5.  Firefighter/Paramedic - Provides continuous chest compressions at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. Compressions must be          uninterrupted to ensure brain and tissue perfusion.

6.  Firefighter/Paramedic - Establishes interavenous access through an interavenous cannulation. Maintains a patients IV line. Checks          blood sugar levels which is critical in diabetic patients, Administers lifesaving cardogenic medications which can potentially restart the      heart.