Saratoga Springs City Council Unanimously Approves Resolution in Support of Paris Climate Agreement


Saratoga Springs City Council Unanimously Approves Resolution in
 Support of Paris Climate Agreement

For Immediate Release: May 22, 2019
From the Office of Commissioner of Finance, City of Saratoga Springs, Michele Madigan

Saratoga Springs, NY – At the May 21st City Council meeting, the Saratoga Springs City Council unanimously approved a resolution in support of the Paris Climate Agreement. Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan brought forward the resolution, which was provided by "Climate Mayors", a bipartisan network of U.S. elected officials working together to demonstrate leadership on climate change through meaningful actions in their communities. The resolution also recognizes the guidance provided by the State of New York, specifically through Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order #166 which mandates a statewide reduction of GHG emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050.

Commissioner Madigan stated, “The City has and continues to take material steps on the sustainability front, from the Spa Solar Park on what was previously a landfill to the City-wide push to improve energy efficiency across City-owned facilities. This resolution recognizes the positive steps taken by the City to date, and gives guidance to the current and future City Councils on our emission reduction goals. Nations around the globe have agreed to the Paris Agreement, and I’m proud to live in a city, and a state, that is committed to fighting against climate change and protecting our environment for future generations.”

The resolution calls for three steps to be undertaken by the City, which are: 

  • The creation and implementation of a Climate Action Plan to reduce emission;
  • Collaboration with other Climate Mayor municipalities supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement; and,
  • Committing to explore policies and programs that promote emission reduction.

Much like the Sustainability Hub on the City’s website unveiled earlier in 2019, this resolution represents a collaborative effort between the Finance Department and Mayor’s Office. Mayor Meg Kelly stated, “Sustainability projects have shown themselves to benefit the City environmentally, financially, and in an improved quality-of-life for City residents. Communities around the nation are being negatively impacted by climate change, and as elected officials it is our responsibility to work toward a solution. I look forward to the creation of the City’s Climate Action Plan, and our continued efforts to achieve the climate goals outlined by the Paris Agreement.”

Full Resolution is available HERE