Master Plumber Certification

The Building Department will begin accepting applications for Master Plumber Certification beginning in December 2019.  The process continues as follows:

  • The Examining Board of Plumbers will meet to review and qualify applications.  
  • Written exams will be administered by the Plumbing Inspector for eligible applicants.
  • A practical exam will be administered to plumbers who pass the written exam, and the first practical exam is targeted for February 14, 2020.
  • The board will meet in March 2020 to certify those plumbers who passed both written and practical tests.
  • A subsequent schedule of examinations will be established and published on this page.
  • Certification expires on December 31 each year, regardless of when it is issued.
  • Certification must be renewed for a fee annually. After January 15, a late fee will apply.
  • Application and renewal fees are published on the application form and the City's fee schedule.

Refer to the Plumbing Code for definitions and explanations of administration and enforcement.

Apply for Master Plumber Certification