Security Guard Licensing Info

City of Saratoga Springs, NY           

Chapter 136 Eating and Drinking Licensing Information 

For Businesses Who Employ Security Guards


wide variety of businesses and events have chosen to make Saratoga Springs their home due to its natural beauty, diverse cultures, and the variety of locations available for use.  Each of our businesses helps to contribute to the dynamic atmosphere found in Saratoga Springs. The following information includes instructions on how to obtain licensing for security guards in New York State. The City’s goal is to assist businesses and individuals in obtaining and creating a safe and successful environment that creates minimal disruption to the surrounding community. On behalf of the City of Saratoga Springs, we thank you for proactively contributing to the spirit and safety of our city.


If you are a business applying for an eating and drinking establishment Chapter 136 license in the City and you plan on hiring security guards, the following rules apply to the issuance of your license:

  • You are required to submit proof that your establishment is registered and licensed with the State of New York Department of State (DOS) Division of Licensing authorizing you to employ security guards. 
  • You must submit copies of valid and up to date NYS DOS Security Guard Licenses for each individual you will be employing as a security guard. This information must be kept up to date with the Accounts Department City Clerk’s Office on a regular, ongoing basis. Within the first five (5) days of employment of each security guard you hire, you are required to provide the City with a copy of their NYS DOS Security Guard License.
  • You must also provide a detailed rendering and/or photo (attach an additional sheet of paper) of the identifying shirt your business will be using as the security guard uniform, which is required to include your business name, as well as five-inch lettering, all capital letters, SECURITY across the chest of the front of the shirt, and across the shoulder blades on the back of the shirt with your application. Please see the attached drawing of what your security guard shirts should look like.
  • Your application, when submitted, will be sent to the Department of Public Safety for approval. There are different rules per the NYS DOS if you plan on hiring “Armed Security Guards” versus “Security Guards.” The use of “Armed Security Guards" requires additional insurance per the NYS DOS. Please check this information carefully and consult your insurance agent before proceeding with the hiring of any “Armed Security Guard” for your business establishment.
  • Your security guards are required to wear Public Safety approved identification while employed at your establishment.

The City is supportive of your efforts to successfully license your eating and drinking establishments. Communication is key to that success. Please contact the Accounts Department City Clerk at (518) 587-3550 extension 2547 if you have questions. 


Thank you for your cooperation!