Recreation and Volunteering go hand in hand at the Recreation Department. Their service to our department is so important and much appreciated. Below are some volunteer opportunities we offer:

Basketball and Soccer Coaching

The Recreation Department's Basketball and Soccer Leagues have a tremendous number of participants and need two coaches per team. Interested volunteers need to register their children online and in addition register themselves as a coach for each team they wish to assist. Payment is secured up front and at the conclusion of the program, volunteers are reimbursed for registration monies paid (excluding $25 late fee if applicable) for each team they assisted.. 

Please register online for Coaching through your Community Pass Account. There is a registration button specific to Volunteer Coach for both soccer and basketball Our programs' success depends on our volunteer coaches- thank you! 

General Coaching

Aside from Basketball and Soccer, volunteers are appreciated to help with other activities and sports hroughout the year. If you would like to help out, click here for our general Volunteer application. These programs are not offered reimbursement for registration.

Other Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: score clock keeper, book keeper, chaperoning special events and/or nightly activities, park and field clean-up, and class instructors.

All interested personnel are encouraged to download an application and bring it to the Recreation Center at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue.

For additional information please call 518-587-3550 x2300 or
email recreservations@saratoga-springs.org