Safer Streets

A message for all users of our city streets from Bikeatoga!

Bicycles, joggers, and pedestrians including (dog walkers) have the right to use our streets.

We are all in this together!

  • Please do not vent frustration at vulnerable users (walkers/cyclists/joggers) from motor vehicles by excessive shouting or horn honking unless it is an emergency. It is alarming and could cause an accident. (Motor vehicles are prohibited from using excessive horns. 

  • Wearing masks, affects one’s senses. Please keep that in mind when following these guidelines.

  • At night: Please wear bright clothing, reflective material and/or lights. It is helpful when pets are visible too!

  • Please keep your pets on a short leash, whether on city streets, sidewalks or in the parks. Others passing by do not know what your well-behaved pet may do.

For Bicycles:

  • Helmets: passengers and operators under the age of fourteen, must wear protective headgear.
  • Passengers on bicycles under one year of age are prohibited
  • Do not ride bicycles on downtown sidewalks
  • Bicycles are vehicles and must obey traffic laws: 
    • Stop at Stop signs, and obey traffic lights.
    • Ride with traffic - not facing it  ( this includes Roller Bladders
  • On multi-use paths such as in the State Park - all users keep right -it is best to follow this principle to assist the flow of traffic/avoid accidents
  • Please use hand signals to communicate to others where you are going
    •  Cyclists must use audible or verbal signals when passing  (also a good idea for joggers)
  • Cyclists must always keep one hand on the bicycle (please do not uses cellphones while in motion)
  • Cyclists can only use one earbud for headphones
  • Front headlights and rear lights are required one-half hour before sunrise and sundown.
  • All bicycles must have front and rear reflectors

For Motorists:


  • Never right hook a cyclist to make a turn (wait for the cyclist to clear the intersection)
  • Do not make a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming cyclist - the cyclist has the right of way 
  • Obey posted Speed Limits or slow down when passing joggers, cyclists or pet walkers
  • Give cyclists and pedestrians distance, but not so much as to unnecessarily impede oncoming traffic
  • Please look before opening your door- always!
  • Do not park in bike lanes
  • Cyclists are allowed to "Use an entire" for their safety. This may include but not limited: o avoiding debris on the side of road

    • potholes
    • sewer covers/grates
    • a road too narrow to allow a motor vehicle and a bicycle to safely ride side by side (Example: Excelsior from Veterans Way)
    • Stopping at a one lane Stop Sign (Please stop behind a cyclist who takes the lane - it may not be immediately apparent if the cyclist is making a turn or not. If they are in front of you, they have the same rights as any other vehicle.)
    • We hope you’ll join us in making our great city a healthier, happier & safer community. 

    Please do not litter! Throw your used protective gloves in a trash receptacle! Putting glass or other injurious substances on highway prohibited.


  • Lawn debris can be a serious traffic hazard - especially at night.
  • Please obey the local ordinance and keep sticks smaller than 4 feet. Debris needs to be in a container after May 15.
  • Do not put lawn debris in bike lanes
  • Debris should not take up an entire shoulder used by joggers and cyclists
  • Receptacles are easier to see than dead leaves. Please consider marking your debris.

Online Resources:

For Electric Bikes: