Chapter 136 Extended Outdoor Seating Permit

The Accounts Department is pleased to present legislation passed at the June 16, 2020 City Council Meeting allowing Chapter 136 Licensees to extend their permit to allow outdoor dining on contiguous private and public property. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused countless unforeseeable difficulties in municipalities across our nation. It is in the public interest at this time for every municipality to make reasonable accommodations and allowances for persons and businesses who have received municipal licenses, particularly when the licensed activities provide services to the public. This Article establishes rules and regulations under which the holder of a valid license for an eating and drinking establishment under Article II of this Chapter may apply for a permit to use, for a temporary period of time as stated herein, certain specified public property of the City of Saratoga Springs as a temporary outdoor seating area for said eating and drinking establishment.

Any person or legal entity who is the holder of a valid license for an eating and drinking establishment issued pursuant to Article II of this Chapter may make application to operate a temporary outdoor seating area, in connection with said eating and drinking establishment. The application shall be in writing on forms provided by the Department of Accounts, and shall contain the following:

  • Name, physical address, mailing address, email address, and telephone number of the eating and drinking establishment; 
  • An accurate drawing showing the location, dimensions, and barriers of the temporary outdoor seating area requested, location of tables, location of seats, distance between tables and seats, aisles, entrances and exits, emergency exits, and location and specification of emergency fire equipment; 
  • Required insurance as mandated by the ordinance;
  • A narrative summary of the services to be provided; and 
  • Verification of any required submission to the State Liquor Authority for the expanded area, including but not limited to a Supervision and Control Plan.

Interested applicants should contact the Assistant City Clerk Barbara Brindisi at (518) 587-3550 extension 2546 or via email at

The link to the Application for a Chapter 136 Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit and its Instructions is here:

Temporary Outdoor Dining Application for Chapter 136-33 Article IVA