Community Outreach Committee

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About the Committee:
Add a heading-3In August 2020, Commissioner Robin Dalton announced the formation of a Community Outreach Committee, a volunteer-driven committee organized by the Public Safety Department to address issues of bias and racism in Saratoga Springs through cultural, educational, and awareness initiatives.

Mission Statement: The mission of the COC is to develop and promote strategies and actions to address and overcome bias and racism, recognizing that diversity, inclusion and equality are essential to the character of Saratoga Springs. 

If you are interested in participating, the only requirement to join is a desire to create positive change in the Saratoga Springs Community. The 2020 Committee has been formed and begun its work, the next opportunity to join will be in December of this year.

To join the COC or for more information about the committee, please email 

**Please note: for information or questions pertaining to law enforcement or Governor Cuomo's Executive Order #203, please see the Mayor's Police Reform Task ForceThe Community Outreach Committee is designed for cultural and awareness initiatives and education, that do not pertain to law enforcement. 

Meeting Date & Time: 

The next meeting to be held on Monday, November 16th at 5:30 at 68 Putnam Street. 
    -Meetings will be the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30pm-

Please email with any questions.

Additional Information:


Shaun Wiggins

Agenda for 11/16/20

  • Updates  30 Mns

      • SSCOC Structure – Shaun  10 Mns

      • Education Pillar – Kate & Mira  10 Mns

      • Enterprise – Steve   10 Mns

      • Entities – TBD  

  • Group Discussion 45 Mns 

     • SCOC Scope & Strategy 
  • All Other Business 15 Mns