Community Solarize Campaign

A NY-Sun Program

The City of Saratoga Springs Community Solar Solarize Campaign as provided by NY-Sun Solar Program in partnership with NYSERDA.

Community Solar Solarize campaigns focus on getting a group of homes and businesses in an area to start or join community solar projects. Community solar projects are an array of solar panels installed in a sunny, offsite location. Community solar allows residents and businesses to benefit from the savings of solar energy, if they can’t (or don’t want to) install panels on their respective properties. Once signed up and “energized” these households and businesses will begin realizing the benefit of a 10% monthly discounts on their energy bills. 
By enrolling you or your business are supporting clean energy & lowering emissions in your community. There is no contract, no enrollment fee, and no cancellation fee. 

Once signed up and “energized” your household/business will benefit with guaranteed savings every month with a monthly 10% discount on your electricity bill. The “energized” process can take anywhere from no time at all to up to 6 months depending on the availability of built and “energized” solar fields at the time you register.  

Community solar installations must be built within the same electricity service areas, as determined by utilities and transmission operators. Currently there are 14 Community Solar providers in the National Grid project area: Amp Community Solar, Ampion, Arcadia, BlueWave, ClearPath Energy, Common Energy, Dynamic Energy, Nelnet Renewable Energy, Nexamp, NOCO, OYA Solar, Saranac Lake Solar, Source Power Company, and SunCommon. Visit this map to see where community solar installations are being developed near you.