2024 CDBG Program Year Application Process

*The application period will open on December 1, 2023*

**DO NOT attempt to complete the application materials prior to reviewing the 2024 CDBG Guidebook

Questions should be directed to the Community Development Planner, Beige Berryman at beige.berryman@saratoga-springs.org. .


There are several documents that comprise a complete application submission.  Please read each of the following instructions very carefully.  In this first section, you will prepare a number of documents to attach in the File Upload area at the very end of the online form on this page.  Do not submit the online form until you have completed the documents in this section and uploaded them to the completed form.


  • Grant Application SupplementComplete and save this PDF-fillable form.
  • Organization Documents - Provide board list, org chart, yearly accomplishment summary, etc. (except city department)
  • Site Control Documentation - For construction/site development/land acquisition projects, provide evidence of site control such as Deed, MOU, purchase contract, etc. 

Complete and save Budget Form 1 and/or Budget Form 2 as appropriate (below). Depending on the activity, the applicant may need to submit one or both of the budget forms. On these forms, identify the amount and sources of leveraged funding for this activity. Include the status of these funds (i.e. cash on hand, grants received, planned fund-raising, etc.). 

Additionally, upload copies of funding commitment letters or other evidence of funding support. More detailed budgets MAY be included. If an architect, engineer, or other personnel have conducted a cost analysis, include a copy noting the author and date of analysis.

  • Budget Form 1 - Required for public service or economic development activities as applicable. 
  • Budget Form 2 - Required for "bricks and mortar" activities (ie. construction, rehabilitation, land acquisition, etc.) as applicable. 
  • OMB Circular A-133 - Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Monitoring of Federal Financial Assistance to Subrecipients.
  • Environmental Impact - Environmental impact & risk assessment for new construction projects (including expansions of existing building footprints or rehab projects of 75% or more).


Once you have completed the documents in Section 1 above, continue to the application form below.  You will upload all applicable documents at the end of this form.