Ad Hoc Downtown Advisory Committee

Downtown Advisory Committee

The Ad Hoc Downtown Advisory Committee has been established to create a collaborative process that enhances the safety of our City through positive engagement with the community. The associated stakeholders are our citizens, businesses, government, and the visitors to our community. The city of Saratoga Springs is a community that prioritizes safety, attracts visitors, and recognizes the significance of tourism to economic viability. It is imperative that there is collaboration based on relationships to ensure safety in our community.

The Downtown Advisory Committee is an ad hoc committee of volunteers who are representative of businesses, government, and community leaders in Saratoga Springs.

The committee has established subcommittees to address the following areas: data collection, safety, training, operational communications, and external communications.

The committee intends to meet bi-weekly.  The next meeting is February 15, 2023.

Committee Members 2023

DILLON MORAN, Commissioner of Accounts, City of Saratoga Springs, Co-Chair

TODD SHIMKUS, President, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chair     

SHANE CROOKS, SSPD Chief of Police, City of Saratoga Springs

AARON DYER, SSFD Asst. Chief/Code Enforcement, City of Saratoga Springs

SAMUEL BOTTINI, Co-owner, Bailey’s Restaurant

DEANN DEVITT, Assistant Treasurer, Downtown Business Association

SARA ELAQUA, Manager, Saratoga Tap and Barrel

JAYSON FITCH, Owner, Saratoga City Tavern and Kings Tavern

DENNIS KIINGATI, Hamlet and Ghost

DEAN KOLLIGIAN, Vice President, Adirondack Trust

DARRYL LEGGIERI, President, Discover Saratoga

TYLER MCINTOSH, SSPD Lieutenant, City of Saratoga Springs

RYAN MCMAHON, Executive Director, Saratoga Springs City Center

BRYAN MILLER, Co-Owner, Bourbon Room and Sound Bar

MINITA SANGHVI, Commissioner of Finance, City of Saratoga Springs

HEIDI WEST, Owner/President, Lifestyles, Union Hall, Caroline + Main

With support from City of Saratoga Springs staff:

STACY CONNORS, Deputy Commissioner of Accounts

BARBARA BRINDISI, Assistant City Clerk

Click here to watch Downtown Advisory Committee January 10, 2023

For additional information, please contact Stacy Connors, Deputy Commissioner of Accounts at