Restorative Justice Panel

In 2021, the Saratoga Springs Police Reform Task Force presented to the City Council, fifty (50) specific recommendations in a report entitled: "Reinvention Plan: Toward a Community Centered Justice Initiative." The vision of the plan was to establish and define restorative justice in Saratoga Springs. In effort to do so, Mayor Kim created the Restorative Justice Panel with appointees from each council member and county supervisor. The goal for the Panel is to provide open discussion with community members about how to create restorative justice in Saratoga Springs. The Panel shall seek to define via community input and open dialogue a "Saratoga Springs Restorative Justice Program."

The Panel will report its recommendations on a "Saratoga Springs Restorative Justice Program," to the City Council before December 19, 2023.

From the Panel: "As we embark on this journey we invite our neighbors to the conversation. Every story matters, every story will lead us on a path towards restorative justice and healing in our community. Join the conversation in person."

Panel Members

  • Camille Daniels - Co-Chair
  • Heather Williams - Co-Chair
  • Larry Jorgenson
  • Will Borchers
  • Heather Reynolds
  • Hollyday Hammond
  • Kendall Hicks
  • Daniel Mullan Jr.
RJP meeting 1