Cycle Two (2023-2024)

On January 2nd, 2024, the City Council voted to approve funding for five PB projects. Congratulations to our five funded projects for Cycle Two! 

Saratoga Farmers' Market Program Support$12,000.00
Lake Ave School Centennial Celebration$10,000.00
Solar Charging Bench for Public Library$12,500.00
Bocce Ball Court$13,000.00
Opera Saratoga Family Programming$15,000.00

TOTAL: $62,500.00

Funds will be dispersed in late February/March for projects to begin. Some projects are season-dependent, and will not start until later in the year. 

Updates will be continuous here with project statuses, event information, etc.

Cycle Two Approved Project Descriptions
Saratoga Farmer's Market Program Support
Total Cost: $12,000
Location: Saratoga Springs Farmer's Market, 112 High Rock Ave
Description: Support nutrition education with an 8-week Saturday Farmers' Market program called the 'Fresh Tent'. At the Fresh Tent, the following will be offered: Food sampling of fresh or prepared foods made with locally sourced farmers' market products; Information on in-season fruits and vegetables, how to shop at the farmer's market, NYS nutrition assistance programs and recipes using seasonal ingredients; An educational food-related activity for children; a $2.00 coupon for all visitors/participants for spending on market products. The program will be free and open to the community, encouraging families to shop together. 
Submitter: Saratoga Springs Farmers' Market Association

Bocce Ball Court
Total Cost: $13,000
Location: Veteran's Memorial Park, 10 Adams Road
Description: Construction of one (1) bocce ball court in Veteran's Memorial Park. 
Submitter: Individual 

Opera Saratoga Family Programming
Total Cost: $15,000
Location: Opera Saratoga, 19 Roosevelt Dr; Other locations TBD
Description: Produce five (5) outreach opera performances in Saratoga Springs and the State Park for children and family's education and enjoyment. 
Submitter: Opera Saratoga 

Solar Charging Bench for Saratoga Springs Public Library
Total Cost: $12,500
Location: Saratoga Springs Public Library, 49 Henry Street; Exact location TBD 
Description: Provide a convenient and clean energy charging source for electronic devices to Saratoga Springs residents and visitors. Will be located outside of the Saratoga Springs Public Library. 
Submitter: Saratoga Springs Public Library 

Lake Ave School Centennial Celebration
Total Cost: $10,000
Location: Lake Avenue School, 126 Lake Avenue; Exact location TBD (Tentative: Saratoga Public Library) 
Description: Celebrate Lake Ave Schools' upcoming centennial by recording oral histories and memories, photograph mementos and produce an exhibition for display; intended to promote intergenerational conversation, as Lake Ave was once the high school and junior high building and is currently the elementary school. 
Submitter: Lake Avenue Parent Teacher Association 

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