Computer Assisted Dispatch

Public Safety Dispatchers are also trained in use of the Department's computerized records system utilizing Computer-assisted dispatch (also called CAD). This is a method of dispatching emergency services assisted by computer.

It can either be used to send messages to field units via a mobile data terminal (also called an MDT) and/or used to store and retrieve data (i.e. radio logs, field interviews, suspect or arrest record information, officer safety alerts, etc.).

A dispatcher may announce the call details to field units over the 2-way radio. CAD systems allow employees in the dispatch center to easily view and understand the status of all units being dispatched. CAD provides displays and tools so that the dispatcher has an opportunity to handle calls-for-service as efficiently as possible.
Dispatcher works at computer
The CAD system consist of several modules that provide services at multiple levels in the communications center. These services include call input, call dispatching, call status maintenance, event notes, field unit status and tracking, and call resolution and disposition. The Department's Computerized Records and CAD System is a software suite called IMPACT, and is a product of Admit Computer Services in New York State.