Drug Buster Award

On August 15, 2009 while participating in an undercover drug interdiction operation on Caroline Street, you observed a suspect that appeared to be acting suspicious. You observed this suspect act in a manner that is known by you through experience to indicate illegal narcotic trafficking. Based on this information, you began to further investigate by obtaining information from the suspect's contacts as well as through surveillance.

Once probable cause was established the suspect was approached and he immediately attempted to flee the area on foot. After a brief pursuit, the suspect was apprehended and a violent struggle to place him into custody ensued. During this confrontation, you saw that the suspect had in his possession paraphernalia commonly used to package LSD and was attempting to discard it.

Believing that the containers potentially contained liquid LSD, knowing the risk of exposure, and fearing the destruction of the drug and other evidence, you wrestled the containers from the suspects grip. In doing so you were exposed to LSD and required follow up medical care. Your actions, with risk to your own personal safety, resulted in the successful apprehension and prosecution of the suspect for the sale and possession of LSD. The department is proud to present the Drug Buster Award to Investigator Richard Arpei.