Neighborhood Watch Program

Administrative Services Division has been designated responsibility to coordinate the Department’s efforts in the community relations function.

The authority exists to delegate to different units, according to specialty, assignments to meet the public requests and complete the Department’s mission in crime prevention and community relations.

The establishment of an enhanced Neighborhood Watch program in the City is a primary focus for the Department.
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Program Details

Neighborhood Watch Groups have been formed; the South West Neighborhood Watch and the Stonequist Neighborhood Watch. The South West Neighborhood Watch (SWNW) includes 5 neighborhoods with more than 1,500 homes represented, while the Stonequist program covers the entire adult high rise complex located at Stonequist Apartments high rise.

These watch groups are run entirely by citizens living in the community. The Department has assisted the citizens in creating structured watch groups with establishing zones, leadership, lines of communication, and provided training to watch group members. To date, more than one hundred fifty (150) persons have received training in Neighborhood Watch and crime prevention topics.


In an effort to expand the Neighborhood Watch program, the Department has been contacting additional civic/neighborhood groups, making presentations about the program as well as the services our agency has to offer their groups and how they can help the Police Department in maintaining our safe community.

Department Members have joined the New York State Crime Prevention Coalition to enhance the Department’s networking ability in crime prevention. Members have attended training programs relative to their assignment, and hosted the state wide training program on crime prevention in our city in late March of 2009.

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