City Safety Committee

The City Safety Committee is charged with assisting the City Council in:

  • providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees in accordance with federal and state regulatory requirements and assisting and responding those regulatory matters as they pertain to risk and safety issues;
  • developing risk and safety programs in response to federal and state regulatory mandates and/or the City’s insurance company’s requests for correction;
  • participating in the identification of and measurement of the risks facing the City and community at large;
  • responding to and assisting in the resolution of risk and safety related inquiries and complaints from citizens, employees and/or employee bargaining units;
  • advising City Council on Safety Committee recommendations, City Fire Department Inspections, federal and/or state regulatory and compliance mandates by reviewing inspection reports and responding to recommendations, violations and fines as needed; and
  • providing risk and safety policy programming recommendations to City Council for adoption; and assisting in implementing the risk and safety policy and emergency management programming as adopted by City Council.

The Director of Risk and Safety has the responsibility of chairing the City’s Safety Committee and acting as its liaison as Safety and Compliance Officer of the City to ensure the City’s risk and safety directives are carried out in accordance with the City’s Safe City Program per the City Council’s directives.

The voting membership of the City Safety Committee includes the Director of Risk and Safety as Chairperson; City Engineer; Department of Public Works Business Manager; Information Technology Systems Manager; Fire Chief; Fire Battalion Chief; Police Chief; Police Department Administrative Lieutenant; Human Resource Administrator; Administrative Director of Recreation; Administrator of Parks, Open Lands, Historic Preservation and Sustainability; Deputy Mayor; Deputy Commissioners of Accounts, Finance, Public Works and Public Safety; and one representative from each of the City’s collective bargaining units. The City’s Insurance Agent, and the City Attorney serve as Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members and advisors to the Safety Committee.