Hazardous Materials Operations

The Saratoga Springs Fire Department trains hard to be prepared for any and all incidents involving hazardous materials.  Based on guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency.  Saratoga Springs has trained all of its personnel to the hazardous materials awareness and operations level.  This training has given our first responders the ability to recognize a hazardous materials event when presented to them and take the appropriate action necessary to obtain a successful outcome.  Much of this training revolves around research techniques geared toward ensuring proper decisions are made based on the given product.  This level of training also allows firefighters to actively work toward containing any leaking product that may have occurred based on a motor vehicle accident or a specific incident at a business or facility here in our community.

The Saratoga Springs Fire Department has also trained its personnel in decontamination.  This allows for workers and equipment that may have become contaminated with a product, chemical or even a biological agent to be properly decontaminated.  This ensures that harmful agents are not spread outside of an area where a hazard may exist, this allows for safety of emergency personnel and the public at large.

BioChemical Training