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Public Comment


1. Discussion and Vote: Minutes


2. Discussion and Vote: Recreation Department Part Time Personnel


3. Discussion and Vote: Recreation Department Purchases


4. Discussion and Vote: Accept Basketball Sponsor


5. Discussion and Vote: Accept the Community Foundation for Greater Capital Region Saratoga Springs Friends of Recreation Donation $5,269.44


6. Discussion and Vote: Dodgeball Tournament Facility Waiver


7. Discussion and Vote: Change Fundamentals of Ice Skating Requirement


8. Discussion and Vote: Kids Vacation Day


10. Discussion and Vote: Bocce Recommendation


11. NYS RPS Conference Approval


12. Discussion and Vote: Chair & Vice Chair Elections


13. Discussion: Free employee Drop-In Benefit


15. Discussion: Basketball League


16. Discussion: Youth Parking Program


17. Discussion: Style Sheet


18. Discussion: Capital Projects


Veterans Memorial Park


Scott T. Johnson Recreation Center


Station Lane


20. Discussion: Director’s Report


21. Discussion: Program Report


Executive Session: Program Coordinator



Next Meeting – Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 6:30pm at the Scott T. Johnson Recreation Center,  15 Vanderbilt Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  If you cannot attend, please submit questions via email to Recreservations@saratoga-springs.org.  

Meetings are at 6:30pm on the Last Tuesday of each month at the Saratoga Springs Recreation Center.