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City of Saratoga Springs Household Hazardous Waste Day Registration Form - Saturday Nov 18, 2023

  1. By submitting this form you certify that you are a resident of the City of Saratoga Springs, that the waste listed on this form is household generated and that the wastes are not from any institutional, commercial or industrial facilities, or any commercial farming operations.
  2. For questions or additional assistance, please call:

    Holli Straight - DPW Coordinator at (518) 587-3550 ext. 2555,

  3. Registration Information
    Complete ALL information fields in order to accurately provide us your contact information.
  4. Waste Materials
    Please list items you will bring.
  5. Describe and quantity
  6. **NO: Appliances, tires, explosives or machinery. NO: Commercial or Farm Waste **
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